Professional Services

We offer professional services in several areas. To make this report easier to read, you may want to click the Print button on your computer screen and print this information.

We work in the following areas:

  • Helping financial advisors and insurance professionals build highly-profitable practices that deliver outstanding benefits to their clients.
  • As financial advisors, we help clients build and manage Income Portfolios. Our account minimum is $250,000. For more information, visit the Investment Management section of this website.
  • Providing marketing consulting services to major corporations and financial services firms.
  • Helping business owners and entrepreneurs rapidly grow their businesses.
  • Delivering keynote speeches and training programs for brokerage firms, broker-dealers, insurance companies and major corporations.
  • Helping well-known speakers develop and perfect their speeches, seminars and workshops.

Many professionals and business owners have asked for an outline of the coaching, consulting and business building services we offer. We provide the services described in Dr. Moine’s books and in the articles and case studies he has published. You can read some of Dr. Moine’s articles on this website.

The services we offer are listed below. These are not in priority order because each client has a different set of priorities. We respect your priorities.

Services Provided

Helping Rapidly Build Your Business and Increase Your Profits With:

  • A Wide Variety of Powerful Marketing and Investment Techniques
  • State-of-the-Art Business Building Strategies Marketing: Writing and Editing Mass Marketing Direct Mail Letters, Brochures, Email Campaigns, Newspaper Advertisements, Post Cards, Websites
  • Helping investment clients Increase the Annual Income Received from Investments
  • Help in Acquiring High Net Worth Clients and Customers
  • Assistance in Designing a Low-Stress Business in which You Work Fewer Hours
  • The Most Effective Techniques of Seminar Marketing
  • Developing Powerful Unique Selling Propositions (USPs) for your Business
  • Developing Competitive Strategy to Help You Build Market Share
  • Helping Businesses and Business Owners Increase Returns on Cash Balances and Bank Accounts
  • Strategies to Help You Build a Deep Level of Trust with Prospects and Clients
  • Solving Problems with Employees and Partners
  • Strategies for converting prospects into clients
  • Asset Gathering Techniques (acquiring $500,000 to $10 million clients)
  • Developing and Perfecting Powerful Sales and Marketing Presentations (our presentation strategies are used by more than 100 of the Fortune 500 companies)
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Acquiring Clients in other Cities and States (geographical diversification strategies)
  • Delivering keynote speeches and training programs for brokerage firms, broker-dealers, insurance companies and Major Corporations around the world
  • How to Use Solicitors to Grow Your Business
  • Helping famous speakers develop and perfect their speeches, seminars, workshops and Boot Camps.
  • Techniques for Breaking Out of a Slump (help with personal psychology)
  • Strategies to Obtain $1 Million or More of Free Publicity
  • Providing marketing consulting services to major corporations and financial services firms
  • Overcoming Procrastination, Dramatically Improving Your Time Management
  • Strategies to Motivate Yourself
  • Higher-return, lower risk Investment Management Strategies
  • How to Maximize Your Clients’ Investment Income
  • Getting Compliance Approval for Marketing Materials and Ads
  • How to Write, Edit and Publish a Book (see our article on this)
  • How to Self-Publish Your Book or Get a Major Publisher (Dr. Moine is the author of 10+ books)
  • Writing and Publishing an E-book (for Instant Downloads by Thousands of Prospects on the Internet)
  • Advanced Investment Strategies
  • Effective Branding for your Business
  • Writing and Producing an Infomercial (some of our clients have made $10 million in one year from their infomercial)
  • How to Design and Offer a Boot Camp that Could Earn You $100,000 to More Than $1 Million
  • How to achieve your Potential
  • Training for Coaches


1. Personalized one-on-one coaching and business building. (Read More)

We work on a simple hourly basis. Our normal rate for corporate consulting is $750 per hour. Our discounted rate for individuals and small business owners is $500 per hour. We sometimes offer a deep discounted individual rate of $350 an hour (a 30% reduction from our discounted rate) for financial advisors and business owners who earn less than $1 million a year. This reduced rate is only available as time permits (see the form later in this section).

Our clients include top financial planners, financial advisors, registered representatives, top annuity producers and insurance million dollar producers. Several of the financial planners with whom we work have been selected in the Worth 100 Top Advisors in America and/or have been honored on Bloomberg’slist of the top advisors in the nation. One of our clients is the top annuity producer in America.

We also work with successful estate planning attorneys, ESOP experts, pension management firms, accounting firms, entrepreneurs and well-known speakers.

If you are an investor (not a business owner or financial planner) interested in our Income Planningservices, please visit the Investment Management section of this website.

We are familiar with all major business models, financial planning models and investment models. Whatever your goals and whatever business model you use, we will do our best to help you achieve your goals.

For most of our individual clients, we work on a simple hourly rate, similar to a law firm. Most coaching and consulting calls are scheduled for one hour. There is no charge for answering brief emails to schedule an appointment.

Emails with questions about business building strategies, investment strategies, marketing, etc. are billed for the time involved. For example, if it takes 17 minutes to answer a series of questions about a business opportunity you have, you are billed for 17 minutes. The minimum charge for answering any email about business building, investments, etc. is 10 minutes. Invoices are usually sent about once a month. You can pay by credit card or check.

On writing and marketing projects, you are only invoiced for the time involved. For example, if you ask us to analyze and rewrite a marketing letter and the work takes 42 minutes, you will be charged for 42 minutes. If you request that we analyze a PowerPoint presentation and make suggestions to improve its effectiveness and if the work takes 1 hour and 27 minutes, that will be invoiced.

Expenses (FedEx, etc.) are billed at cost. If we drive to see local clients in Southern California, mileage is billed at 35 cents per mile.

Any fees you pay may be tax-deductible. Consult your tax advisor.

2. Projects. (Read More)

We work on major marketing projects for corporations, business owners and financial advisors.Projects can include: helping you design a major marketing or advertising campaign, helping you design and successfully offer seminars, writing seminar invitations, writing articles or creating a syndicated column (one of our clients is now syndicated in 40 newspapers across the country), writing a book, designing or re-designing your company brochure, writing articles or content for your website, writing marketing sales letters and newspaper advertisements, developing and perfecting PowerPoint presentations and obtaining major media publicity. We also help our clients develop higher-return, lower risk investment strategies.

If you would like a price quote for on a project on which you are working or contemplating, send a brief description of your project to .

3. Business Building Retreats. (Read More)

This is a powerful, unique service offered by Dr. Moine. Retreats are one-day or two-day business building and income-building intensives for professionals and investors who want to grow their incomes very rapidly.

At an all-day retreat, you and Dr. Moine will work together without interruption (except for lunch and a several relaxation breaks) on projects to build your business and/or build your Investment Income. If you are interested in increasing your Investment Income, please visit the Investment Management part of this website. Below is a brief description of our business-building retreats.

At a recent one-day Retreat, Dr. Moine assisted a client in accomplishing all of the following: rewriting three direct-marketing sales letters, re-writing the client’s brochure and most of the content for his website. Donald also coached him on how to turn several of his top prospects into clients. It would have taken several months to accomplish all of this in weekly one-hour phone consultations. Instead, Dr. Moine and the financial advisor accomplished this in one intensive (and very enjoyable) day-long retreat.

Several months ago at a Retreat, Dr. Moine helped another financial advisor totally outline his book in one day. The advisor was then able to easily write the book on his own over the next couple of months.

We have also helped well-known speakers (in the areas of real estate, investments and other areas) completely outline their books in one-day Retreats. We also helped some of these speakers write their books and re-design their PowerPoint presentations and seminars using NLP.

One of Donald’s clients, a financial advisor in Florida, had one office and three employees in 2001. Now, in 2006, he has four offices and more than 20 employees. His personal income was more than $4 million in 2005 (this is after paying his employees and overhead). How did he achieve this remarkable growth? Through several Retreats and additional coaching we provided later over the phone and Internet. This client has received a return on investment of more than $50 for every dollar he spent on coaching and consulting.

At an Investment Retreat, we analyzed all of a client’s brokerage, investment, bank and insurance accounts and showed him how to significantly increase his Investment Income to enjoy lower risk, lower expenses and higher income.

Retreats are usually held at a hotel near the Los Angeles International Airport or in Manhattan Beach orRedondo Beach, California. Dr. Moine has also held Retreats at the offices of his clients or at hotels in their cities.

For those who are ambitious and want to make rapid progress in growing their businesses, Retreats are one of the most unique and powerful business building methods available.

Due to Dr. Moine’s busy schedule, we can only offer a limited number of Retreats. To learn about the next day available for a Retreat, send an email to and tell us what you would like to cover or accomplish. The investment is $5,000 if you come to Los Angeles. If Dr. Moine travels to your city or town, the investment is $6,000 for a 1-day Retreat plus travel expenses (airfare and hotel).

4. Investment Strategies. (Read More)

Our area of expertise in the investment arena is helping clients significantly increase their investment income. For many years, Dr. Moine has been working in investment research and on the development of higher return, lower risk investment strategies.

We work with a wide variety of high-quality income investments. We are independent and objective and always put the needs of our clients first. We are not influenced by any brokerage firm, broker-dealer or insurance company.

We respect your investment philosophy and your risk tolerance. Whatever your choice of investments (mutual funds, bond funds, ETFs, annuities, REITs, stocks, index funds, managed accounts or other investments), we will help you optimize it. We also manage Income Portfolios for clients.

5. Seminars. (Read More)

Dr. Moine has developed a wide variety of powerful seminars that he has delivered to major companies all over the world. He has individual seminars covering most of the topics in his books and articles. If your company or broker dealer is planning a convention or workshop and if they are interested in having a thought-provoking and motivational speaker, have them send an email to . Please provide the dates of your program and we will get back to you to let you know if Dr. Moine is available.

Dr. Moine’s speaking fee is $6,000, plus travel expenses (air fare, one night hotel, rental car if necessary). This fee includes all preparation for the seminar, writing a customized workbook for the participants and delivering the seminar. If you would like us to print the seminar workbook, printing expenses are billed at cost. Most clients request that we send them the seminar workbook and they print the copies needed by seminar attendees. Dr. Moine offers a lower speaking fee for non-profit professional associations and for events held in Southern California.

Dr. Moine’s speaking fee for international assignments (anywhere besides the USA, Canada or Mexico) is$12,000 plus travel, hotel, etc. International travel must be first-class or business class. Domestic airfare can be coach.

Retainers: We do not require any type of long-term contract. Some clients hire us for only a few hours of coaching and some have worked with us for almost twenty years. Some clients set up a retainer. These are clients who want to be guaranteed of having a certain amount of our time to finish a crucial project, build their business, take advantage of a business opportunity or work on their investment goals. Priority scheduling is given to retainer clients.

Some retainer clients reserve four hours per month and a few corporations have reserved 50 hours per month when they wanted Dr. Moine to work on a high-priority marketing or business-building project. How much time you wish to reserve depends on your goals and how quickly you want to reach them. There is no risk in sending a retainer as any time you choose, all unused portions of the retainer will be refunded to you. After the opening retainer is used, it can be replenished or work will then billed on an hourly basis. Invoices are sent approximately monthly.

Free Initial Call: Depending upon Dr. Moine’s schedule and availability, he will provide a free initial call of up to 10 minutes to answer any questions you may have before becoming a client.

Cancellations: To cancel or re-schedule a coaching session, you must call and give notice at least 24 hours in advance. If you do not give notice at least 24 hours in advance, the fee for the time reserved is owed. If you must cancel or re-schedule any out of office or out of town work, you need to give at least seven (7) days notice in advance or the fee for the time reserved is owed..

Refunds: Books and tapes returned within 30 days in new and unused condition receive a 100% refund minus a 20% restocking fee. Postage and handling are not refundable. There is no refund for professional services. We have never had a client request a refund for professional services, but we answer this question because a few times a year people visiting this website ask.

Copyrights: We are lifelong students of writing, advertising and persuasion. We can help you write and polish your advertisements, seminars, articles, website or book. Copyrights: I will not violate anyone’s copyrights. Since there is no way we can check the copyrights of whatever you ask us to rewrite, you must guarantee that the work is yours and is not in violation of anyone’s copyrights. We are not responsible for any copyright violations on any material you ask us to rewrite, edit or prepare for publication.

Reprint Rights: If you would like to reprint any of Dr. Moine’s articles, send us an email. If you are not selling the article, we normally grant free reprint rights as long as appropriate attribution is given.

The Importance of Taking Action: Most professionals and business owners build their businesses slowly and through trial and error. There is a better way. If you see a fit between our areas of expertise and your needs, you can fill out the coaching and consulting application at the end of this section and fax or mail it to us. Upon receiving it, we will call you or email you to let you know when we can work with you.

Along with your application to work with Dr. Moine, feel free to send us a brief email telling us a little about yourself, your business and your goals. Let us know anything about yourself or your business of which you would like us to be aware. If you would prefer, you can cover this in your first session with Dr. Moine. We look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your goals.


Download and fill out the Coaching and Consulting Agreement by clicking on the Download Now button below.