Better Than Gold: An Investor’s Guide to Swiss Annuities

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An Investor’s Guide to Swiss Annuities. An underground classic on the safest, most private, most lawsuit proof and judgment proof investment in the world. Swiss annuities are the choice of the world’s wealthiest and most sophisticated investors.

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Meet the Authors of


Dr. William McCord, CFP is a highly respected financial planner in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Dr. McCord is considered one of the top experts in America on Swiss annuities and has traveled to Switzerland to interview top executives at several of the major Swiss life insurance companies. Dr. Donald Moine is a financial advisor, advisor to top advisors nationwide and is a highly respected Wealth Psychologist who has been hired over the past 20 years by some of the top financial advisory firms in the world. This is a totally objective and unbiased guide to an incredibly powerful investment.


In this powerful new Investor’s Guide to Swiss Annuities, you will learn:


Why the Gold-Backed Swiss Franc is so Strong
How to Become Judgment-Proof
How to Buy Swiss Annuities
How to Obtain Total Financial Privacy
How to Safely Diversify Currencies
Why Annuities Are Better Than CD’s
How to Set Up a Private Annuity
How to Discourage Lawsuits
Why Swiss Life Insurance is so Strong
How Much to Invest in Annuities
Who Shouldn’t Buy Swiss Annuities

How to Get Paid in Swiss Francs
How to Get Paid in U.S. Dollars
How to Get Immediate Payouts
How to Cash In Your Annuity
How to Avoid Surrender Charges
How to Profit from the Swiss Franc
How to Contact More Than One Dozen Different Swiss Insurance Companies
Why Swiss Annuities are Far Superior to Swiss Bank Accounts
How to Retire as a Multi-Millionaire
How to Transfer Your U.S. Annuity (tax-free) to a Swiss Annuity
How You Can Offer Swiss Annuities


It would take you hundreds of hours of research and several trips to Switzerland to gather all of the information that is contained in Better Than Gold: An Investor’s Guide to Swiss Annuities. Now, at last, all of that information is contained in one exciting reference book. Note: tax advice is not given.


Several of Dr. Moine’s reference books sell for more than $250 per copy. Now, as a special offer, this unique new book is being offered for only $35, plus shipping. This is a massive 200-page reference book. Buy this book now and learn how to put some of your client’s money in an ultra-safe Swiss annuity before they are served with a lawsuit! Many Americans have spent tens of thousands of dollars on expensive, complex offshore trusts only to find that an inexpensive, liquid Swiss Annuity gives them as much protection from court judgments and is much simpler! Order your tax-deductible copy now!


Better Than Gold was available for only four years (1998-2002) here in America and has now turned into a wealth-building classic. Copies have been sold on the Internet for more than $200! Now, you can obtain a brand new first edition collector’s copy for only $35 plus shipping while supplies last!


In this book, you’ll even learn how you can take your U.S. annuity and transform it on a tax-free basis into a liquid, safe, gold-backed Swiss franc annuity! Why possibly lose all the money in your U.S. annuity to a lawsuit judgment or a creditor when you can totally protect it by turning it into a Swiss annuity? Switzerland has the biggest, strongest insurance companies in the world and after reading this book you will know why the wealthiest and smartest people from all over the world put their money into Swiss franc annuities! Most importantly, you’ll learn how you can help your clients enjoy the benefits of Swiss annuities!


While many wealthy Americans have traveled to Switzerland to buy Swiss annuities, in this new book, you’ll now learn how to buy Swiss annuities in Bermuda (only one hour by air from the East Coast), Canada or Mexico. Swiss annuities fall under Swiss Law. If you buy them outside of the US, neither the annuity nor the place of purchase is likely to fall under US law (check with your attorney first). Some financial advisors have been flown first-class by their wealthy clients to Switzerland for an annuity-buying vacation. Some clients have purchased $4 million or more of Swiss annuities. Since they are liquid, clients can borrow out money whenever they need it.


You’ll also learn how average middle class Americans with as little as $100,000 to invest can buy Swiss annuities. Buy this book now to learn how to protect your client’s hard-earned money from court judgments. You’ll also learn how to set up an inflation-proof liquid retirement plan.

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