Unlimited Selling Power: How to Master Hypnotic Selling Skills

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It’s a high-octane book to speed up your earnings.

As the publisher of Selling Power, the #1 magazine in the world for sales professionals and, the top sales website, I see hundreds of sales books every year. Ultimate Selling Power is a book with high-octane content that will turbo-charge your mind and drive up your earnings.

Dr. Donald Moine has written dozens of articles for our magazine that have become the most popular articles in the history of Selling Power. Why? Because his techniques have been proven by science and applied by the top sales professionals in every industry.

Don’t think of Ultimate Selling Power as a book, think of it as a treasure chest of how-to ideas that will get you beyond the place that you imagined in your wildest dreams. How?

Dr. Moine and Dr. Lloyd have laid out a very clear roadmap to success for selling yourself, your products and services. These thought leaders will show you how to achieve success and then help you discover how to maximize and leverage your achievements so you can attain an even higher level of success. When I started Selling Power magazine, I had no idea where my business would lead me.

After meeting hundreds of success experts like Dr. Moine and Dr. Lloyd, and learning their proven principles, I’ve been able to turn Selling Power into the leading magazine in the field and created a multi-million dollar business. I’ve gone far beyond my dreams thanks to the wisdom shared by these gifted authors.

-Gerhard Gschwandtner from Fredericksburg, VA United States

Truly Empowering!

Most of my career has been spent with the idea that I was not a salesperson. After my first reading of Ultimate Selling Power, I can now confidently say that I am indeed a sales professional. In fact we all are, and this book is for you even if you’re not in the business of sales. This book is truly a book about being better at what you do to bring people to your way of thinking. The techniques discussed in this book are unlike any I’ve seen in the dozens of sales books I’ve read throughout my career.

After I read just the first chapter, I was hooked. I wanted to know more, and now that I’ve read the book cover to cover, it’s going to stay on my desk so that I can use it as a reference!
Unlike so many other books that end up collecting dust on my bookshelf, this one will probably fall apart from over-use before it ever gets placed on my bookshelf. You’ll likely feel the same way after reading this book!

from San Diego, CA

A Must For Every Serious Student of Selling

Dr. Moine and Ken Lloyd have done it again! This book is filled with specific usable ideas that can be implemented immediately. With the help of Dr. Moine and Ken Lloyd’s first book together, Unlimited Selling Power, I became the top producer at my company. I then went on to become the top producer in seminar sales for Tony Robbins. I now own my own business. The ideas in this book are taking me to an even higher level of sales and marketing success than I ever imagined was possible.

-Eric Lofholm from San Diego, CA

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Provides salespeople with information on hypnotic techniques and how to use them in sales presentations and script books to win the customer’s trust and make sales

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