The Financial Planner’s Mastermind Sales Script Book


Let’s face it. You’ve probably spent a fortune trying to build your financial planning business. You’ve gone to every seminar and workshop out there. You’ve bought a ton of books and CDs. You know you financial planning inside and out and you have outstanding financial solutions to offer. Maybe you’ve learned how to do seminar selling and how to attract prospects to your practice. The problem is—you aren’t turning those expensive prospects into clients!

The big, unanswered question is: What do you say to prospects once they are in your office? You have spent a lot of time and money getting prospects. Now, what do you say when you meet with them to turn them into lifelong clients?

Until now, no training program and no book has ever revealed the verbal secrets the very best financial planners use to convert prospects into satisfied clients. WHY? Quite frankly, until now, no one knew all the verbal secrets of the world’s top financial planners.

Thus, until recently, it was impossible to share these highly focused success secrets of persuasion with a wider audience. More…



Co-authored with Tom Gau, CFP, one of the most successful financial planners in America. Learn the exact words and sales presentations Tom Gau uses to earn $3 million a year while working only 9 days a month as a financial planner.

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